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Organic farming:

Organic farming uses low cost techniques, naturally and easily available fertilizers like plant compost, animal manure, and traditional cultivation techniques like green manures, nitrogen -fixing legumes, and mulching. 

Why organic farming?

  • Low cost: Organic farming uses inputs naturally-occurring on the farm, so farmers don't need to purchase additional supplies. Insects are also brought under control efficiently by biological integrated pest management systems like efficient crop rotation

  • There is an increasing demand for organic fruits and vegetables due to growing awareness about health and taste. Consumer are willing to pay a premium, insuring higher returns to the farmer

  • The compost components promote biological activity by active growth of microbes restoring the natural fertility of the soil

  • Organic farming helps in preserving the soil and environmental ecosystem, thus mitigating the adverse effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on soil and the environment

Marketing and Operational efficiencies:

  • The farms of the farmers are planned according to the market demand- providing the farmers an assured market and high prices for their entire produce

  • Use of Information and Communication technologies to incorporate monitoring and transport/storage efficiencies into the supply chain to reduce post harvest losses

  • Jagriti is connecting farmers directly to the consumer, removing the chain of middlemen who are largely responsible for price hikes

  • Due to demand-supply matching, time between harvest and consumption is minimized, which directly minimizes spoilage – maximizing returns for the farmers

  • These efficiencies make it possible for us to sell to customers are affordable prices - when it is not hurting your pocket, there is no reason to not eat organic!

  • Since we home deliver it to you, versus sell through other retail stores, we have much more control over ensuring quality and freshness, and make buying vegetables super convenient - after all no one wants to step out everyday and bargain with a sabziwallah