Jagriti Agro Tech is an agriculture focused social enterprise. Our ideology is that when agriculture in India will boom, rural development will automatically follow. We began by asking a simple question - How can we make farming profitable for small farmers? We have identified 3 major problems most farmers face - 1) Market dependence for farm inputs (recurring costs), 2) Lack of information about market demand, and 3) No access to the final consumers.

When we looked at the state of the food industry, specifically the fresh produce segment, the entire system highlighted a very grim situation for not only the farmers, but also the end consumer. No monitoring for food safety, no pesticide control, 30-40% wastages, not to mention 600% price hike between the farmers and the consumer.


Having studied the whole ecosystem thoroughly, we are confident we have come up with a comprehensive model that connects all the dots to ensure that farmers prosper, and customers get easy access to reliable and good quality produce. We promote organic farming, closely study market demand based on which farmers plan their fields, and supply this produce directly to customers through home deliveries at market prices. Farmers are paid a premium, customers get affordable organic produce right at their doorstep. Read more about why organic and our delivery model is a great solution here.

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