Our Operational Model

Farm Side Operations
  • Farm planning according to market demand estimates and farmer's production preferences
  • Organizing farmers into groups
  • Training farmers in best practices of organic farming, minimizing input costs and increasing yields 
  • Training farmer's to maintain documentation to obtain organic certification
  • Harvest storage and transportation according to quality standards laid down by the Company

Local Collection Center
  • Situated in ~15 kms radius from farms 
  • Farmers transport produce to the local collection centre
  • The fruits and vegetables are sorted and graded  by standard specifications
  • Standardized quality checks for quality assurance 
  • Billing- Farmers are a premium over the mandi rates
  • Payment to the farmers with a credit period of one week
  • Logistics schedule is prepared (from harvest to delivery to the customer) to ensure minimum time consumed from farm to plate
Market Side
  • Quantity estimation and analysis of demand data baseson which farms are planned
  • Competitive prices with the sabziwallahs
  • Phone or Web orders and Home delivery